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of jimmy(October final)
and the darkness shall clothe the land..
of jimmy,detail
and their nervousness became my nervousn
she remembered the sun
final same sky
I feel like the word shatter
more frailer than flowers....finished
choked emotion in my father's voice
and the cold tightened
and the cold tightened
the blue moon was filled with tears
my red sweater days
sunlight comes creeping in
it was hidden beneath
a girl in the river
after he felt my tears
and their nervousness became my own 1
though the black
Smearing The Red
she felt daughterless
she felt the sun

“I have the gift of neither the spoken nor the written word, especially if I have to say something about myself or my work. Whomever wants to know something about me -as an artist, the only notable thing- ought to look carefully at my pictures and try and see in them what I am and what I want to do.” 
-Gustav Klimt

"Of all the arts,abstract painting is the most difficult.It demands that you know how to draw well,that you have a heightened sensitivity for composition and for colors,and that you be a true poet.The last is essential"

-Wassily Kandinsky

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