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she imagined lifting off into the sky
strange fruit
the leaves whispered in the trees
the 109
she watched them sink into the blue
and the cold tightened its fist
stealing the sun
she let the clouds carry her back to sleep
I never saw another butterfly
the wind sings a song far away
we'll kiss like it's air and we're running
behind the beautiful forevers
in the winter of hope
under the brilliant sky
between the pink
song of whistling winds
cloud bursts
of scars and wounds
even the rain remembers
8 minutes
a girl in the river
and the cold tightened it's fist
another black wave comes and I'm drownin
before sunrise
breaking free
he held my face in his hands
it was in the air and all around
my father taught me well
sunlight comes creepin through
the loss of
spilling red
final same sky
more frailer than flowers....finished
spilling out color
and their nervousness became my nervousness
of jimmy
within these walls
the air was tobacco sweet
a small clous of vapor oozes out
and the free wind all around
rain washed stars
its a whisper spoken to the sidewalk
her purple anger
behind these blue walls
the sky was on top of us
it felt like a hope
Within These Walls
For James- Coloured Rain
and the darkness shall clothe the land
under the redness
a girl in the river
She Felt Daughterless
Eight Tall Pink Crosses
I Am Nobody
Her Body Was Wrapped
and her parts scattered
I let my tears drip on the Earth
The sun was getting ready to leave
Coda: The final phase of a symphony
weakened parts of her were crumbling
it was buried beneath the surface
I Forgot There Was A Sun
And Their Nervousness Became My Own
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