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“Graphos” is a Greek word meaning 'to write'.


According the British Library,

“We use words to give us information.”

“By contrast, writing is an act of recording. The word written becomes fixed. Depending on what it is written with, its mark can remain preserved for a very long time. Although different readers might interpret a piece of writing in different ways, the text itself does not change. We use written symbols to express all kinds of messages: to share stories, note financial transactions, record history, imagine the future, to express love, hatred, humor or melancholy. Writing gives us access to knowledge. We can trace how an idea has changed over thousands of years, or argue against the opinions of those long dead, all because the discoveries of others have been recorded and collected.

According to historians, the earliest form of writing can be dated to around 3000 BC, when Sumerians in ancient Mesopotamia - modern day Iraq - wrote on clay tablets. This writing system is known as cuneiform.”


This series will be dedicated to the words which have inspired me to create art for the last 10 years.


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