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through the black


This is about opiate addiction and more specifically addiction to Heroine or as I call it "H".


Sometimes I really do not know the truth behind my work till after I see it many months after it has been completed. Since I  work from my subconscious and place all my words and feelings there , preparing my subconscious for painting, I then have to clear my mind to allow myself to work in a manner so that the emotion is now free to flow out of sometimes is will take me  a year before I truly understand and  know what I was truthfully saying...For example, I created this art that I thought was about the "Red Tide" and then all of a sudden like an epiphany, after reading Ed's comment about Aids...only then did I know what I was really painting...and  from that moment at 3am,everything changed for me ...The Truth sometimes, often times..... is very difficult to discern in  my work.


This body of art is dedicated to those who suffer and are so misunderstood and fight each day for one day free from “H”.

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