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HOLY, a new art series by Susan Harmon


“I eat only sleep and air

And everyone thinks I’m dumb

But I’m smart because I’ve figured it out.


….and I am burning my skin off little by little

Until I reach bone and self

Until I get to where I am essential

Until I get to where I am.


…because I am living off the parts of me that I don’t need any more.


I could feel the slow drips of pain before

Swirling inside where my lings should have been

Now I’m clean inside.


When I knew what I had to do

I took all my notebooks, all my manuscripts

And ate them page by page

So I could take my words with me.


I can finally control my life

And even death

And I will die slowly like steam escaping a pipe.


…how wonderful to let yourself go mad

How wonderful to go on this kind of journey

And not care if you come back to tell the story.


I scratch words on the walls now

So people will visit the museum and know

How someone like me ends up like this

(They’ll say there is art in here somewhere)


I don’t hurt anymore

…I made it through

I feel so holy and clean

I am almost there….


Every day I get a little closer to vanishing.

Some days I can’t stand up because the room moves under my feet

And I smile because I’m almost there"


Nicole blackman



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