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 waste or debris of any kind.

 remains, remnants, fragments, scraps, dregs, leavings, sweepings, dross, scum, trash, garbage;

 the pieces that are left when something breaks, falls apart, is destroyed.

“Usually, detritus refers to waste or junk of some kind, but it can actually mean any accumulation of material, not only man-made stuff. Loose gravel, silt, and sand can all be called detritus, and so can decomposed organic matter, like piles of dead leaves.”

“The Latin word detritus literally means "a wearing away."


This new art series is actually not about what is left after…….. but about what  was before.

Finding beauty in ugliness.


Detritus- Each canvas has been used and reused again and thus has layers of rich color and texture and layers of meaning. They are about the beauty found in ugliness. The beauty of what was before it turned ugly. Detritus....not about what is now, but about what was before.


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