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My work is a visual collection of emotion.

All art surfaces are rich in color and texture, coming

from my emotional, intellectual and spiritual states

of being. My work is free from the boundaries of

traditional picture making; thus, it is easier to

explore my own psyche. Abreaction, a Greek term, first used by ancient Greek dramatists to describe the

purging or cathartic effect that the release of emotion gives one, is an important part of my process.

The unleashed, splattering of gestural paint strokes on my huge canvases, which was so much a part of

the release of angst in Abstract Expressionism, are evident in my own work and combined with a textural layering of paint leads to expressive mark making in meaningful contexts evident in this body of art. That the subconscious is at work, there is no doubt. These paintings were not made with only sheer logic in mind. Rather, painting is a journey, a process for me, that is almost scared and where I strive to prepare my subconscious for painting in a ritual which may involve a more pensive/meditative state of being. All of these artworks were informed by literature about people who have suffered trauma and

their journey to survival. These artworks strive to heal and to evoke positive feelings in the viewer.

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